hdwest Custom Painted Boots

I accept a very limited amount of boot orders.  Custom Order listings will be added to the shop as they become available

Here's a little on how the process works!

Customers send in a pair of boots to be painted -they must be brown leather boots (no synthetics or colored leathers). Before painting we will discuss your design ideas. Each pair is completely custom to your liking...so you decide on colors, design, theme, style etc! Once we've got that all figured out I'll get prepping- there's a long process that goes into making sure the paint adheres correctly to the leather. I'll then get painting using a high quality specialty paint. A few shots of your freshly painted boots will be emailed to you, once I receive design approval your boots will be sealed & finally mailed back to you! 

Most custom painting runs about $385 including return shipping & insurance. For portraits or over the top customization price will be discussed. 

hdwest painted boots wear nicely & are quite durable -I advise that you treat them as you would a fine pair of dress boots.